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Chef's Tweezers Kit #11

£26.00 GBP

This kit combines our two most popular pieces - the classic 20cm Offset Tweezers and our SuperSharp® Scissors.

Manufactured and finished to the highest standards, our tools are indispensable when only the best will do.  They look great and feel great in the hand. Like all our tools they are built stand up to life in a busy kitchen.

THE 20CM / 7.87" OFFSET TWEEZERS are Perfect for plating, assembling, tasting and 101 other things we haven’t even thought of. People keep on telling us about their own novel uses for them - handling micro herbs, chocolate garnish on desserts, testing pasta, etc, etc…

Our SuperSharp Scissors are invaluable in a busy kitchen where accuracy and precision are paramount. The strengthened blades cut with laser-like accuracy. An adjustment wheel allows you to control the tension on the blades ensuring the scissors feel exactly how you want them.

(Blade Length: 5cm/1.97", Overall Length : 12.3cm/4.84")

Care instructions: Handwash recommended for both.  For scissors, avoid cutting hard objects. eg bone (espcially your own!), plastic etc See our care guides for more details.