Chopsticks Tweezers in Polished Gold

Chopsticks Tweezers in Polished Gold

Renowned chef Andrew Wong had long pondered over introducing a unique dining utensil to his revered two Michelin Star Chinese restaurant A. Wong in London.

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Chef Wong approached Oui Chef in early 2024 with his vision - a standout eating tool that would be at every place setting in the restaurant. It would be elegant, a joy to use, somehow a cross between chopsticks and tweezers - but rookiestix they would be not.

We sketched, drafted and prototyped some potential design ideas - both ornate and streamlined - to see where Chef’s thinking lay, and as it transpired his thinking lay firmly with the streamlined. Andrew requested some modifications to the design - sharper tips for his delicate food, a lighter touch in the hand for ease of use over the course of the tasting menu and a finish that would catch a guest’s eye across the dining room. Something with a wow factor they couldn’t help but pick up the moment they were seated.

Above you can see the results of our collaboration - a beautiful, practical chopsticks tweezers finished in mirrored gold. And the icing on the cake? The piece is weighted to rest exactly horizontally so the tips remain suspended off the table cloth when not in use.


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