Engraved Medium Offset Tweezers - Twin Pack
Engraved Medium Offset Tweezers - Twin Pack
Engraved Medium Offset Tweezers - Twin Pack

Engraved Medium Offset Tweezers - Twin Pack

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Colour:Gloss Black

At a glance:

This twin pack of our medium offset tweezers is the perfect gift -  a set for somebody dear and a set for you. 

Designed, manufactured and finished to the highest standards, our Medium Offset Chef’s Tweezers are an extension of your hands, allowing you to execute the many tasks in the kitchen with efficiency and accuracy.

Perfect for:
Showing someone you care. Saying Thank You, I Love You or What A Team! Also of course, plating, garnishing, tasting and a host other uses in a busy kitchen.

The distinctive, iconic shape and ideal size make these kitchen tweezers a great all round choice and an essential part of any chef’s knife-roll.

Expertly hand-crafted to ensure that the tension guarantees a light touch and ease of use, the pincer grip offers unparalleled reliability and assurance with every use.

  • Length: 20cm / 7.87" (Medium)
  • Shape: Offset with regular tip
  • Material: AISI 410 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Engraving: Yes
  • Magnetic: Yes

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