SkinOff Speed Peeler with replacement blades
SkinOff Speed Peeler with replacement blades
SkinOff Speed Peeler with replacement blades

SkinOff Speed Peeler with replacement blades

Sale price£15.00
Colour:Chrome Top

If you are using a vegetable peeler in a busy kitchen, you are likely using it a lot. That’s why it should be a great one. 

We wanted to move squarely away from the flimsy and chuck-able peeler and create a piece that will perform day-in, day-out and last a lifetime. To achieve this, we have done two things a bit differently. 

Firstly, we have engineered a solid yet lightweight peeler body from premium stainless steel. The ergonomic handle sits effortlessly into your palm, keeping your hand relaxed even with extended use. 

Secondly, it ships with replacement blades - extremely sharp, reversible blades - so if the blade does dull you can reverse it, and then replace it when necessary. To really stand over this being a tool for life we are offering life-time replacement blades on the house: 

  • 3 replacement blades per peeler per year.
  • Discount code for 1 box of 3 blades will be sent one year after purchase, and each subsequent year.
  • Shipping costs are not covered.

Perfect for:
Rapid peeling of potatoes, root vegetables, asparagus stalks etc

Instructions for changing blade unit

Please exercise caution when changing the blade unit. The process is straightforward but at no point should you touch the actual blades.

  1. Holding the unit just above a countertop, grasp the two arms of the peeler and pull apart slightly allowing the blade to fall gently onto the countertop. 

  2. If you are reversing the blade, turn it around and follow the instructions below. If you are replacing the blade, discard the blade safely, locate the new blade, and follow the instructions below.

    Note: Make sure the blade is outside the stopper pin when completing the next step.

  3. Without touching the actual blades put one end of the blade unit into the hole, then while gently pulling the peeler arms apart with both of your index fingers, use the tip of your  thumb to move the other end of the unit into the hole. 


  • Material:  Stainless Steel
  • Hand-dipped metallic coating on handle (except Chrome Top)
  • Engraving: Yes
  • Magnetic: Yes
  • Overall length: 129 mm / 5.1"
  • Handle Length 95 mm / 3.75”
  • Blade unit width 56 mm / 2.2"

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